Black is a refuge for color once wrote philosopher Gaston Bachelard.

Black New Black emerged from an aesthetic and cultural longing : making the color black a stylistic, creative and idealistic basis. In the heart of a hyper-consumerist society, the shade has become a democratic refuge: it is genderless, classless and offers a unique fluidity between generations, social spheres and moments of the day.

Black garments are by essence open to the world, as they equally reference Coco Chanel’s Little Black Dress, skate and rock’n’roll history and Ann Demeulemesteer’s sombre elegance. As for Black New Black, it carries an inherent, organic connection to counter cultures at large : the project was born out of passion for David Lynch’s theatrical obscurity to Karin Dreijer’s nebulous performances– and is now ready to showcase tomorrow’s somber heros.

Emerging labels rub shoulders with more established names, all with the same pitch-black, unisex, logo-free vision of elegance. This digital space also offers timeless classics, unique archive pieces handpicked throughout the world and available for editorials.

Black New Black is a living, ever-evolving space, and black garment is both its core and its symbol.