Brands There are 6 brands

  • Ignacia Zordan

    Ignacia Zordan is a long term fashion and art project thought as a line of collectible garments. Constructing atemporality: pieces to overlap through the years, a collection constantly extending.
  • Koché

    KOCHÉ stands at the crossover of high fashion, street culture and contemporary art. Modern, elegant and refined, KOCHÉ propose an intriguing new angle to fashion.
  • Mimi's Beer

    Mimi designs and produces unique pieces. Her small hands sew, pattern and embroider just two blocks from the store. Each piece is designed at the studio and arrives in the store just a couple of weeks later.
  • Naco Paris

    Described by the press as  "the only designer who doesn’t like fashion" or  "fashion’s robin hood" , Naco Paris has been creating unisex wear inspired by his personal background, his taste for the arts, the underground and the unusual since 2001.
  • Niuku

    Niuku presents a minimalist unisex take on fashion mixing light material and streamlined designs. The collection embodies an array of garments reflecting contemporary attitudes, proposed in dark tones enabling a focus on proportions of clothes inspired by everyday life.
  • Wanda Nylon

    Wanda Nylon is a stand-out Paris-based creative fashion label developing a functional luxurious stylish wardrobe inspired by water protection. The collections are sold in exclusive retail outlets worldwide.